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A Vortech for Your Vortec! 


For an amazing fifteen years (1999 – 2013), the 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0-liter LS engine front dress looks pretty much like this. Factory AC equipment (low mount) can be used, but only if the vehicle engine bay will accept it.  More…


Modernized Classics: 1964 Corvette Daily Driver With LS Power

Chevrolet built 22,229 Corvettes in 1964—8,304 coupes and 13,925 roadsters. Even after accounting for over a half a century’s worth of losses to collision, theft, and attrition, there are still plenty left today to satisfy restorers and customizers alike. Better yet, when we use the term “customizer” in 2019, we’re mostly talking about resto-modders, a.k.a. folks who tastefully retain and respect the external appearance, but go wild under the skin with chassis, suspension, interior comfort, brakes, and driveline upgrades.

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Could have had a V 8

When it comes to the Buick Regal Grand National, Turbo T, T-Type, WE4 Turbo Regal and GNX, anybody over the age of 30 certainly remembers them as the most potent Detroit muscle offerings of the ‘80s.  More…

Buick Grand National Build

Let the Buick purists off their leash, because this build is not your ordinary Grand National, and we love it! Before you have a full blown heart attack, we’ll go ahead and tell you that it’s a pre-EFI, non-turbo, 1982 Buick Grand National, so go ahead and delete that angry comment you’ve probably already drafted and enjoy this build.  More …

How Water can Calm the Detonation Blues

War is hell kids, but it’s undeniable that many world-changing technological advances were derived from armed conflict. War-related research brought us the moon landing, jet powered airliners, hemispherical combustion chambers, super glue, synthetic oil, and the cell phones in our pockets.  More …

NextGen Gives Factory-Recall LSA Blowers New Life

With more than 20,000 LSA engines affected by the repair campaign, a large chunk of loud-but-functional, take-off superchargers suddenly showed up online for less than a grand. More …

Engine Fire Nearly Destroys an Ultrarare 1968 Ford Galaxie XL500 GT.

It can happen in a flash. One moment you are cruising along in your freshly restored 1968 Galaxie 500XL GT, and the next you are an unwilling roadside attraction, standing helplessly as flames consume your ultrarare 428, four-speed fastback. You didn’t bring a fire extinguisher to this party. Passers-by linger …  More …

Feature Article from Hotrod Network.

The NextGen Budget-Beater Shop Truck
NextGen whipped up this nifty 2002 GMC Sonoma budget-beater shop truck for $2,277 and use it as a calling card to promote the company’s LS conversion abilities. Born with a sleepy V6, the four-speed automatic transmission, brakes, and suspension are all bone stock. More …

A Look at Two LS Powered GM Pickup Trucks

When did half-ton pickup trucks become so cool? Probably about the same time folks realized they offer the same level of style and rear wheel drive performance potential as traditional 2-door coupes, sedans and convertibles, but for a fraction of the buy-in cost. We get it, too. Who needs a numbers matching, 1965 Tri-Power GTO, Hemi Road Runner or Mustang Cobra Jet when a tenth of the cash will buy any number of desirable V8 powered late model half-tonners? Add a few bolt-on goodies and these LS (GM), Modular OHC (Ford) and Gen III Hemi (Ram) V8 powered pickups can be just as quick and nimble as any classic muscle car.  More…


LS Heads, Short Blocks & Assembly Parts

Heads have been cleaned and resurfaced with a fresh valve job.

Valve springs have been installed.  These heads are ready to bolt on.

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We specialize in the following LS conversions…

A Vortech for Your Vortec! – by Steve Magnante

One bolt-on makes any boneyard 5.3 eat LS7s for breakfast. Vortech Engineering has done it again. Now owners of 1999-2013 Gen III and Gen IV Vortec V8 engines (as pulled out of Chevy, GMC, and Hummer light trucks and SUVs) can install a belt driven V3 SCi supercharger...

Here are some of our Classic Rebuilds…

1967 Nova

1967 Nova

1967 Nova. 525HP LS3 w/ 5 speed TKO 600. A/C Cruise control, Hooker exhaust cutouts, dakota digital, hydro boost.