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Including an LSA supercharger kit, LS heads, short blocks, and all the misc. parts to complete your LS swap project.


Next Gen Performance in the NEWS

NextGen Performance Gives Factory-Recall LSA Blowers New Life on 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0 Gen IIIs. from Hotrod Network.

With more than 20,000 LSA engines affected by the repair campaign, a large chunk of loud-but-functional, take-off superchargers suddenly showed up online for less than a grand. More


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The NextGen Budget-Beater Shop Truck
NextGen whipped up this nifty 2002 GMC Sonoma budget-beater shop truck for $2,277 and use it as a calling card to promote the company’s LS conversion abilities. Born with a sleepy V6, the four-speed automatic transmission, brakes, and suspension are all bone stock. More …

Engine Fire Nearly Destroys an Ultrarare 1968 Ford Galaxie XL500 GT.

It can happen in a flash. One moment you are cruising along in your freshly restored 1968 Galaxie 500XL GT, and the next you are an unwilling roadside attraction, standing helplessly as flames consume your ultrarare 428, four-speed fastback. You didn’t bring a fire extinguisher to this party. Passers-by linger …  More …


LSA Supercharger Kit

Used LS Parts
Rebuilt LSA Superchargers

We are offering rebuilt takeoff LSA superchargers.  It’s hard to beat the power per dollar that these LSA blowers offer.  We all know that these blowers haven’t had the best reviews, due to the GM factory recall with the noisy isolator /bearings, but don’t let that scare you.  We fully rebuild these superchargers with the parts that will not cause future noise and be reliable and powerful for years to come. 

Get your LSA Blower now and reap the benefits of power and affordability.

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LS Heads, Short Blocks & Assembly Parts

Heads have been cleaned and resurfaced with a fresh valve job.

Valve springs have been installed.  These heads are ready to bolt on.

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